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How to pack trains for safe Shipping

Shipping trains to me is an important part of our transaction if shipping is required. Here are some simple tips to follow to make sure your trains arrive to me in good condition.

Packing Methods:

  1. Pack the trains in a separate box from the heavy items like the transformer of track.  - I transformer can be quite heavy and if the package receives a heavy impact ( and it will ) the transformer weight will damage the more fragile trains inside the box.
  2. Pad trains inside their boxes to prevent movement  - if you shake a box and hear or feel movement, things are likely to get broken.
  3. Pad, Pad, Pad -  I have never received a set of train that were damaged by too much padding. It is safe to say that you should pack the box as if you expect it to fall off the back of the truck... several times. This is really how rough they are treated today. But as long as they are packed well thing arrive in great shape.
  4. Take your time - Take the time necessary to make sure th eouter box is a strong one. Computer boxes are good examples of a strong box. at least double wall.
  5. Wrap each item - Whenever I ship trains, I take the tiem to wrap each item in paper towels and padding. This protects the orignal finish n the trains and adds protection from dmamage.
  6. Good Tape - when you have the item in the box all padded and ready to close, make sure the copntents fill the box. if not shifting and damage can occur. Add additonla paddign if needed to prevent any movement. Settling does occur, especially with paper for padding. After that use a good tape to seal the box.


If you have a Postwar train or collection you are interested in selling, please let me know.

  Send mail to Ray@ibuyoldtrains.com  with questions or comments about this web site or Selling your Lionel Trains.
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