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  Lionel 1587s Pink Girls Train  
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Lionel Girls Pink Train Set 1587s or X736

In 1957 The Lionel Company decided it would be a good idea to produce a Pink Girls Trains Numbered Lionel 1587s or x736, set to increase their customer base to include girls rather than just boys. The logic made perfect sense, if you could sell a pink girls train you would double the number of potential users for your product. The result was a complete failure. This set was Cataloged as an O27 gauge set but included 2 6464-Series boxcars, A porthole caboose and a Quad hopper which were usually O gauge items.

Lionel 1587s Pink Girls Train Locomotive 2037-500 Lionel 6427-500 Girls Porthole Caboose

Girls were not the least bit interested in playing with a Lionel Girls Pink train and there wasn't a boy alive who would be caught dead playing with one. So while they were produced in 1957, they were listed in catalogs and stores carried them in both 1957 and 1958.

Lionel 6463-50 Girls Hopper Lionel 6464-510 Nyc boxcar

There are stories of hardware stores actually painting these ugly pink trains black just to try to get part of their money bock on them.

Lionel 6462-500 Girls Pink Gondola Lionel 6464-515 MKT Girls Boxcar

But that is not the story today. As a result of the marketing failure, these ugly pink train sets have become a very sought after prize for Lionel Train Collectors.

Even the set box was unique for the girls pink Lionel set, it was printed in a shade of pink instead of the normal white used for other sets.


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