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Lionel Postwar Military Set with Military Loads

Terrific Looking Lionel Miliraty Set with Pyro Loads

The war is over! The country in a state or celebration and revitalization! Lionel is certainly no exception, 1946 introduced 34 new sets which was the highest number of sets ever cataloged!  The 1666 prairie steamer was the locomotive of choice for many of the lesser priced sets and the magnificent 726 Berkshire headed up the best sets Lionel Produced this year. This was a terrific time to be a young boy at Christmas with many households celebrating the season with a Lionel Train Set under the Christmas tree! 

Some of the best trains ever produced came out of the postwar period. Lionel produced the Beautiful Hudson's like the 763E, 726, 736, along with Locomotives like the 746 Norfolk and western sets. Not to mention the terrific line of F3 Locomotives to come out, the ever so popular Santa Fe F3 locomotive including the 2343, 2383 and 2353. The Canadian Pacific F3 AA units and the Western Pacific units are some of my favorites. They were also produced in the decorations of the Southern, Milwaukee Pacific, Rio Grande and many more.

American Flyer was also going strong with their S gauge line of trains. Notable locomotives from this period include the 21140, 336, 21139 steam locomotives and terrific F3 Units in the colors and graphics of the Missouri Pacific, Northwestern, Santa fe - both in red and silver and the popular blue and yellow color schemes.

If you have a Postwar train or collection you are interested in selling, please let me know.

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