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Yes, I am looking for Toy Trains to buy!

This is the part that matters, when do you receive payment for the trains after we come to an agreement on the price ot be paid for them? Each year I buy over $200,000 worth of toys and trains. I actually am one of the  owners of a Manufacturing Company that I decieded to leave to persue my passion for toys.

How it works:

The process is a simple one, I just need to know what you have and I can provide an offer to you for the trains. Emailing Photos is normally all that is required, with a larger collection emailing a list really helps. with that I can provide and offer to you, if shipping is required, I pay the cost of shipping them to me. I do ask you to pack them secerely. I have a page detailing hints for packing the trains. You can email photos to me directly at Ray@ibuyoldtrains.com or start a conversation with me though the "Contact Me" button shown in the Upper left hand of the screen.  

Payment Methods:

  1. Pay-Pal - Extremely safe method of payment for selling your trains to me. I am happy to send payemnt ot you account once we agree on the price.
  2. Mailing a Postal Money Order  - This has turned out to be my most common method of payment. They are safe, trackable and can be verified online before depositing.
  3. Payment in person -  This is my favorite method of buying trains. If it works out I would be happy to meet you to buy your trains in person. I livein Boise Idaho and makce several trips to Seattle, Portland, Las Vegas and Nothern California.

I do not do Wire transfers or Western Union Payments


If you have a Postwar train or collection you are interested in selling, please let me know.

  Send mail to Ray@ibuyoldtrains.com  with questions or comments about this web site or Selling your Lionel Trains.
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